The laboratory benefits from multidisciplinary capabilities, which are continuously expanding. We also work with a number of collaborators that are experts in other areas (clinicians, chemists, molecular biologists, engineers and nutritional scientists), which adds to these capabilities and multidisciplinarity. 


Current capabilities include:

- Intestinal organoids


- Exosomes

- Cell culture

- Formulation of new drug delivery systems, including nanomedicines & hydrogels

- Nanomaterial characterisation 

- Cytotoxicity assays 

- Epithelial drug uptake and permeability

- Characterisation of macromolecule and nanoparticle cell uptake pathways 

- Bioassays and analytical techniques for drug analysis and quantitation 

- Mucosal barrier characterisation 

- Microscopy, including confocal and electron microscopy techniques 

Microscope Slide